Mt. Baker

Seattle’s Mount Baker community lies on Lake Washington southeast of downtown between the Leschi and Lakewood/Seward Park neighborhoods. This gentle hump above the lake, with views of the Cascade Range to the east and north across the lake and of the Rainier Valley and the Olympic Mountains to the west, is named for the North Cascades volcano whose 10,788-foot-high snow-covered dome dominates the distant northeast view.  The area was a relative latecomer to the growth of Seattle, beginning as a site for sawmills when logging efforts moved south from older neighborhoods nearer downtown.  Mount Baker did not emerge as a residential community until after 1905, when developer J. C. Hunter hired the Olmsted Brothers firm to design a park-like neighborhood of curving boulevards.  Hunter set aside land for the Mount Baker Community Club, which has been a social and civic center for more than a century.  In addition to its upscale residences, the area was home to Sicks’ Stadium and the Seattle Rainiers baseball team for many years, and since the 1950s it has been the scene of annual hydroplane races on the lake.  Despite the sometimes-noisy sporting events, Mount Baker has retained its reputation as a verdant upscale neighborhood of beautiful homes.

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